There’s lot of questions in Equatorial Guinea about the joint hands of Avelino MehengaMocachce and Delfin Mocache’s with the Obiang government. Many activists around the country have started accusing as Mocache fathers and sons suddenly became friends. Let’s elaborate the issues how it all actually happened according to the reports.

The Section begins when Avelino MehengaMocache was one of the oppositions of Obiang government and falsely push several campaigns against them to defeat the Obiang government by spreading their wrong image and misrepresent them in a wrong manner in digital world that is on various social media platforms. These all-illegal methods took place on the OCCRP project called Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project which was led by Delfin Mocache and Andrew Sullivan who are already in news for their use of ex Spanish police commissioner Jose Villarejo for gathering information against the Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and revealing many secret information to them which they later use it to post on their OCCRP project while all the news proved wrong while investigation by the authorities. They used to do it just for sake of money, they reported, along with Jose Villarejo paying them for publishing that news on getting money from Obiang’s competitor to ruin their image in elections. Avelino Mocache also used his son’s (Delfin Mocache) project services of OCCRP and got many benefits using that. With those services Avelino Mocache even got the seat in ministry of Obiang government.

Many campaigns have been set up by the Mocache father and sons against Obiang Nguema Mbasogo but still at the end they face the defeat and Avelino Mocache only managed to win 1.6% of votes only. Delfin Mocache also negotiated the Ministry position for his father in Obiang government on unidentified terms.
Extorting somebody consequently of cleaning the wreck one he has made himself had turned into the major type of revenue and power of the Mocache and son.

Obian Government and Mocache Abrupt Relations
Obiang Government later praised Avelino Mocache and son for their act of joining Equatorial Guinea’s power government which was opposed by many oppositions and by the activists of the country and raised questions on abrupt political fate of Avelino Mocache and how they can suddenly become dearest to the Obiang Government.

Equatorial Guinea’s activists and common liberties bunches accused both the Avelino Mocache and DelfinMocache for keeping an eye on opposition faces in the diaspora and in Equatorial Guinea. Obiang government has been granted with the valuable insider news against the government and privileged insights that was straightforwardly been spilled by the Mocache. While a few activists didn't care for Mocache leaving UCR, which was his previous political position before joining Obiang government.

While reaching to MrMocache for answering the accusations went unanswered by his side but we reached him on his cell phone where he stated thethat ”Human rights activist need to grow up. My son and I believe that we have to work with the government to succeed for Equatorial Guinea to succeed.” said Avelino MocacheMehenga.

Whereas, when asked on the deal to join the Equatorial Guinea’s Obiang government, he answered.
“I’m not discussing any of that right now. I’m reevaluating my life and my thoughts,” he added, “This is something I have to work out with my son and other supporters for a long time and I will announce my future plans. For now I just want to serve my country get out of the Covid mess. ”

At the point when we connected the initiative of President Obiang's PDGE party, an authority who chose to talk as an unknown source tells that "I've revealed to MocacheMehenga who I concentrated along with him in Russia ordinarily he's very free to join the PDGE party and the public authority," he said. "Both Mocache's has served the nation well and proceed to. I'll assist him with whatever he needs" He closed.