Online Teen Patti has had phenomenal growth in the nation since the introduction of digital casinos. In India, it is growing considerably faster than Instagram addiction. The online version is played for hours every day by tens of thousands of individuals. The game's straightforward rules make it easy to play.
If you tired of playing the same game. Do you want some surprises to add to the enjoyment and excitement of your game? These teen patti real cash versions are the most popular in India.
  1. AK47
A popular and entertaining Teen Patti variant is AK47. Aces, Kings, Fours, and Sevens are jokers or wild cards in this game. Any of them can be used to fill in for a missing number or suit if you have them in your hand.
  1. Muflis
Another uncommon version that attracts players who frequently receive the worst cards is muflis. The rules are identical to those of a typical Teen Patti game. The hands are ranked differently in this variation, but that is the only distinction. In the game of muflis, the worst hand is regarded as the highest card.  You can find all these teen patti variants on Pro Teen Patti.  
  1. One Joker, One Bust
Each player receives three cards from the dealer. Two cards are dealt face down and placed on the table as the twist. Out of these two cards, one is a joker, while the other is a killer or a bust card. You can pay counters and make the cards active for the game if you want to view the joker or the bust card.
  1. Lowest Card Joker
What if the joker card in your hand ends up being the lowest value card? This variation specifically targets this. Among fans of Teen Patti, this is one of the most common variants. In this variation, the joker is the card in your hand with the lowest value, which can greatly increase your odds of winning.