What difference would it make? I'd get the same rubber politician stamp reply as I did with Larry (doesn't reply to me anymore - I'm too direct, I guess?). Ha.

I spoke with Zarko, this early April, and asked about the demo plant and asked that since the entire AMY recycle process, from stock in to stock out, is only about 8 hours, thus tweaking any imperfections and the results thereof, multi dozens even (?), would have one thinking commissioning the plant wouldn't take tooooo long, no? Makes layman sense, no? He was shocked about the/my 8 hour comment and asked who told me that. His tone was difficult to read; Either it was inside info I had, or where and why would I have come up with that number. It was given knowledge about the pilot process via podcasts in the later half of 2019, unless my ears were on the fritz. And the question never got answered, hmmm, transparency.

But I digress, it's always the same old same old politician's general response to my questions, and I'm not asking for the Calgon ancient, or KFC secret ingredients. Dang, I didn't even ask how many elves work/live in the Keebler tree! 

So now, AMY, working on their "medical degree thesis" (demo plant) wants to take on night classes for their law degree, tutor the neighbourhood kids, help town hall with the city park's planning, and will take on a night job delivery hazardous waste.

I can't take this kind of company anymore. I hope no one loses money, hope many/all make money, I just want to be past this investment of mine. The sooner, the way better! Just get up a bit more, AMY, with volume that won't bring my sell market bid run the SP down to the point more people will be as upset with their investment in AMY as I am.