Did you acquire Aphria shares pursuant to June 2018 Aphria Prospectus Offering?
On August 6, 2021, Aphria Inc. shareholders were successful in obtaining approval from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to proceed with a certified shareholder class action seeking damages against Aphria and certain of its former officers and directors for market disclosures in 2018.
While the Court certified claims for damages of shareholders who purchased Aphria common shares in the secondary market, the Court only conditionally certified the claims of shareholders who acquired their Aphria shares pursuant to a June 2018 Prospectus Offering.
If you purchased Aphria shares pursuant to a June 2018 Prospectus Offering, please contact Class Counsel at Rochon Genova LLP. 

Counsel can be reached at:
Douglas Worndl – dworndl@rochongenova.com; Ronald Podolny – rpodolny@rochongenova.com