I don`t think your giving the guy enough credit.

A very tough sector that got way too far ahead of itself and corrected back from it`s lofty levels - a lot of business plans were a wash-out, WEED, ACB, HEXO, etc, etc....a long, long list that includes every name in the book.

I see these rock bottom share prices across the board as a great time to re-enter as companies re-jig their approach.

No more too big - too fast, rather a measured approach providing the highest quality products with the lowest input prices.

Underwriters will no longer be throwing big money into these things, they made plenty of money on the initial run up.

Now the companies with the least amount of debt and a solid new business plan will flourish, every single CEO has learned from the past. The mania phase is behind us - no more rushing to spend, spend, spend to be # 1 

IMHO - AGRA looks pretty good here - dirt cheap, new management, revenue stream intact, manageable debt levels. 

No consideration whatsoever is given to enterprise value, every company in the sector got flushed - some twice. The pain is already baked into AGRA and a reversal is coming - once we see a steady flow of updates and sales.

The new CEO, while like every other CEO in the sector has a thicker skin for this second go round.

RISK = REWARD, and although you cannot predict future share price on past performance, the majority of the key pieces are still in place here and if / when the sector rebounds ( and I think it will ) AGRA will participate.

That being said, I don`t walk around with rose colored glasses on - speculative but the reward could be substantial.

A great - safe w/e to all