I do see some type of merger between  PBIC holdings..... however i have hard time seeing this happening anytime soon due to PBIC and COOL rescinding their shares. 

That said, what is BHNG waiting for to grab the bully by the horns?

One of the best THC chocolate brand in the world and very little update, or deals, or execution. turtle pace.

have they been working on something big behind the scene that prevents them from reaching out to investors? no idea... but one can hope.

will Trulive spice things up? i hope.


nightowl21 wrote: Worth noting ...Cool will have approx 14 million shares trading 4.45$ shares

Would not be surprised to see Bhng and Aion do a merger....and then a rollback
...maybe 3:1....just a crazy estimate on my part! ...brings share at below 100 million
would bring share price around 30-40 cents ...there are advantages...something
significant on the way....it would benefit both Aion and Bhng! JMO