geo, i am glad i am not the only one anxiously waiting for a sign.

$PBIC investments in BHNG is their biggest holding it is extremely strange the lack of news release concerning BHNG, PBIC or any of their holdings fwiw (AION,GRIN).

BHNG has one of the best chocolate edible on the market what are they waiting for to sign some deals? new states, new partners, execution, new countries, something!!!! 

They have an interesting capital light plan to expand......come on BHNG, grab the bully by the horns!!

geodcan wrote: That would be newsworthy.  We haven't had anything to move the needle on the sp since CGOC/PBIC put themselves in the driver's seat.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like the sharefloat is 165 million and when I go to the insiders tab on SH, a quick back of the envelope calculation has CGOC with about 100 million.

That excitement has waned as the pot biz rattles around losing major ground across almost all of them.

Most of the greenrush hopefuls are sitting on their hands wasting away just like BHNG.  I'm not sure what we are waiting for?  I don't think PBIC has intentions of being anything more than a shareholder and I have no clue if they bring specific marijuana experience to the table.  I think they are just hoping for a double or triple and will dump it out.

Jmho!  glta and dyodd