It took me less than 24 hours to get a phone call with CEO, very impressed. 

Jamie is an amazing asset to BHNG from my investor perspective! 

She's 100% motivated and dedicated and executing. Perhaps too soft on the promotion side but first thing first build the company into something and then you can get the word out, thats the feeling i got from my conversation!

Also shes working daily with M. Simmonds, that also reassured me (PBIC awefully quiet and im glad they arent simply passive investors). 

Obviously nothing else than what is in the filings & press releases, but it certainly felt like the Trulive deal was still in the cards. 

I have rarely seen a CEO that easily reachable. I invite shareholders to reach out to her, very refreshing conversation. 

I believe we can rest assured she's more than capable of getting the job done.