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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Chalice Brands Ltd. C.CHAL

Alternate Symbol(s):  CHALF

Chalice Brands Ltd. is a U.S. operator in the most competitive, innovative and mature cannabis market in North America. Leaders in retail, marketing and craft cultivation supported by fully integrated processing and distribution. The Company has 12 retail stores in Oregon operating as Chalice Farms, Homegrown Oregon and Left Coast Connection and is distributed nationally through Fifth & Root.

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Canadiandude & markgreen can't prove anything they say

Quick to call everyone else idiots, village idiot, moron, etc. but can't even prove why other people's math is wrong. If we are so stupid and you are so smart, show us all how to calculate more

RE:Buried in DEBT DE=68 No financials CFO resigned not signing

Markgreen. You were funny in the beginning but I've had enough of your lies. SepiJM did a great job explaining the debt ratio to you but you continue to lie. It seems you have an agenda to more

NUMBERS DON’T LIE, PUMPERS ALWAYS LIE. READ THE FACTS   Financial Highlights Most Recent Quarter (mrq) September 30/2021     A YEAR more

Buried in DEBT DE=68 No financials CFO resigned not signing

They should be ashamed of their lies & deception When Senior management has to get aliases to post L I E S to entice investors! When a company has not issued financials for nearly a year When more

Even CFO jumped ship, dump it and find an honest company

You need a company that as a minimum does post financials and not hide them for a year.  Their CFO will chirp soon   rate and reply

Pumper using three aliases, Sepi, , realca and Gustheidiot

He (they) are ignorant idiots trying to entice investors to buy the garbage called CHALF  rate and reply
The Market Herald's Weekly Cannabis Report
Affinor Growers (CSE:AFI) announces $2 million private placementSource: Affinor Growers Inc.Affinor Growers Inc. (CSE.AFI, OTCQB: RSSFF, Forum) is undertaking a private placeme... read article.
@ the Bell: Summer blues for TSX, Wall Street sees worst half since 1970
On the last day before the Canada Day long weekend, the TSX finished lower by triple digits in broad-based decline as commodity prices fell. Energy and base metals led decliners, while near 20 per... read article.

RE:Total Garbage

@canadiandude Please stop posting false D/E ratios. You clearly don't understand what a D/E ratio is. If TOTAL LIABILITIES is $27.932mil and D/E ratio is 68.87, that means, by youur more

RE:Total Garbage

Grandma has some milk and cookies for you to make you feel better BAGHOLDER. And your allowance, so you can stop crying now, BAGHOLDER.  rate and reply

RE:CFO "resigns" not wanting to sign financials. Weak one hired

Sadly I see, you are still up to your same old cr@p! So, you have on good authority that the CFO didn't want to sign and then resigned? Do you have inside information? In my opinion it more

Total Garbage

It bears repeating: you MUST read the summary 0.2049-0.0441 (-17.7309%)   As of 10:48AM EDT. >>>>> 0.8 Cent. NOT EVEN A PENNY Getting closer to the end even before more
Buzz on the Bullboards: Sizzling sector highlights
It has been a sizzling few days recently for most of North America, both weather-wise and for investing discussions. The markets face a rate hike in the U.S., ongoing inflation, rising oil and... read article.

CFO "resigns" not wanting to sign financials. Weak one hired

So what! Why would we care about electing another PUPPET to sign away equities and earnings, this usually prepares for a ''wash'' then he move's on, it's actually BUSINESS more

RE:Desperate Pumper Gusthegreek is conversing with himself

You're a total ignoramus. I'll bet you're a flat earther too. Total idiot!!!  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:RE:questions regarding recent trading halt

Oh SepiJM/ AKA PortlandBlazer: You are admitting you lied in your responses? Oh well, isn't this what you do for a living Blazer? Trading is halted and might be delisted so who are you trying more

Desperate Pumper Gusthegreek is conversing with himself

Gus is obviously desperate and  has lost all his money on CHAL. He creates aliases and tries to have investors believe him, he is -84% since last year. Keep it up idiot, you have to return more

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:questions regarding recent trading halt

Thank you for your response, Gus! PS, agreed and I'd argue that you missed a few names lmao. It's embarrasing that they are so confident, yet never back a single claim. I've asked to more

RE:RE:RE:RE:questions regarding recent trading halt

Answer to your question Sep is NO. We here on the Canadian side can't do shyt with our shares until it resumes trading, IF it ever resumes trading. Unfortunately we can't trade Canadian more


It seems that Here4thekeks, TheCanadianDude, markgreen and RebeccaG are all the same aliases. Constantly whining and crying and blaming and insinuating and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... LMFAO! more

RE:RE:RE:questions regarding recent trading halt

Hey, Heywood. Thank you for your response. I'd like to retract my statement about a new CFO hired around the beginning of 2022. After some research, the resigned Andrew Marchington had more

Pumpers use lies to make money. If they fail, they threaten

Such is the examples you see from SepiJM, therealcanadude, PortlandBlazer and the numerous fake aliases he uses on this board and on Yahoo Finance. He lives in Port Huron Michigan and has been more

Resignation of CFO and no financials for a whole Year!

When any CFO resigns after the financials are omitted and not signed for a year, it spells big problems and even a company collapse and raises suspicions of why were the financials shelved for more