The POS thieves sleep very well. KARMA will strike them soon. The LIARS!!! should give all the PP money back to investors and shove the masks up their asssse!!! CEO !!!to ask how does he SLEEP at NIGHT????
JocetooBad wrote: Hey all, I read the financial report from Q2 and the MD&A. The mask business turned a small gross profit, but the advertising and sales $ that they put in to win contracts pretty much dropped the Q2 profit to 0. They expect Micro technologies to self finance and turn profits eventually at this rate. The problem remains the lack of other sources of revenue, plus directors pocketing their fat salaries with own my investment money while they don't do much else. 
On the Kayan health side, the LOI agreement previously announced was shred on June 7. So no gains, no losses, except on consulting fees. And it seems like they're hiring consultants that resolve around them, like a family of crooks paying each other at the expense of shareholders. I plan on emailing the CEO to ask how does he sleep at night, and you might want to do so as well, just for the heck of it.