they know their past why don't you ask them about it. Say there was someone invested with you and he claims you had two halts the second of which Iroc had to impose the halt because they said you were overpromotimg. Ask them what they say. When I held my shares there were 0 sales and what was happening was they were still getting tested to gain certification yet told retailers that they were selling masks to an undisclosed party. Just ask them. They may be truthful they may not I don't know. This is not an alleged or accusation it is fact. I would not say it otherwise. Now if they did this in the past how do you trust them? All I said is be careful this company has a very bad track record and in fact there were people giving a warning when I was sitting where you are and I said the same damn thing and they were right as the company was halted at least two more times prior and at both of them they were halved now my stating this is hearsay as I was told by those who like you I thought was bashing but I never asked the company and in fact they did get halted twice with me and I lost money here again facts. When I saw this spammed on one of the company board I am invested in I have decided to put in my two cents. When I was here the company was looking to get the Delta facilities equipped with that special machine that would produce high quality n95 masks and they got nailed on that too actually because the regulators again said the company wrote their company description as though they had it. I actually came to the company's defense for your information and said given that there was 0 revenue by logic and extension there was no machine or masks produced BUT that is not how all this works and the company being in this field should know better. The way IROC works is that the expect the facts plain and simple. If you don't have the equipment needed to produce something you can't say that you do or imply that you do. You have to qualify things and say we expect to get the equipment by and upon doing so we expect to produce 1 million regular masks and 2 million n95 respirators. They did not do that and were halted for quite some time 4 or so months. I was pissed!!! But when the halt removed happy at least that way if I decide to take the loss and move on I could or keep hanging where by the looks of it the company has continue to do badly as to where it trades. I will tell you one more thing and just do your own dd initially when covid first started there was huge hype that people will make tons of monies selling ppe. The truth is unless there are massive volumes businesses in truth lost monies because the profit margins are so darn thin that you have to be selling in the 10s of millions to gave any shot of possible being EBITDA positive I am not even talking profitable. The gross profit margins are about 5 to 10 percent but the rule of thumb is take that down by 50 percent conservative and that will be your net and typically with that low margins you will end up in loss. Once all of the love fest ran its course and people saw the financials to these companies their share values tanked. ppe is a non winning proposition unless you are making 10s of millions in revenue. Don't believe up on Mission Ready Services I have been invested in it for almost 2 years when the company had gotten into ppe but the past CEO deliberately and was slow to come out and say that it's business was largely built on it. You know how much it's contract for a span of 1 yr was 125 million and it did manage to be EBITDA positive in 2 quarters on record revenues but the profit margin was only 5 to 9 percent so it is still running a long term deficit even though the balance sheet is improving. There were a few companies I was keeping an eye on while holding shares here originally due to hype they more than double come all ensuing financials they all crashed and never got back up but I am talking almost 2 years back so I don't remember those companies well although one is tinkering which is another local company they shifted from selling 3d printing to making masks and face shields I bought one of their shields. In any case ttd. See what they do if they are still working on ppe it is a good one to measure to. So not alleged and libel slander facts...just ask the company what happened when they were halted prior to getting the Delta lab with the machine hopefully they will be truthful and ask them if there are any uncertainties. But here is the thing regardless pennies are pennies most 98 percent will be nothing more so I figure out my bottom sale points to limit my losses and first strike point to take profit. If stocks run I sell some take some monies off the table as 9/10 times they come back down so now because of my experiences I start doing this even so a halt can come out of left field and cripple the move and I wanted to trade out shares the next day the halt came in this company. Anyways you think I am bashing and slandering I held shares here twice both times ended badly. I am telling you what happened I did not bad mouth this company or hold any Venom because at the end of the day I have to side step all this as I told you how which is by strategically trading my shares what people want to do in terms of their shares is your business but I find if they think things will run forever don't take profit while it is there they always regret not doing so. Well go ask the company about the halt on the ppe when they were first moving into it. Tell them past shareholders have stated this happen is it true see what they say...they can't deny the halt how they explain it should be interesting.