yes that was exactly the first reason this stock fell apart I forgot about that. Aurora pulled out of the further testing and need for digester because at that time there was an oversupply of cannabis coming on the market and the prices crashed really bad from $15/gram to $7 or less. It wasn't possible to expect Aurora to continue to put potential in the cannabis digester as they themselves were heavily losing monies but at the time I was pissed that they discontinued the testing and nothing came of things other than this stock price crashing down. There really wasn't anything the company could have done there. But having said this I am giving the company the benefit of the doubt now as I had done then pinning this on Aurora but flash forward to how they dealt with the masks and drew Irocs ire for violating rules how much of what the company had said is true about the tests being just stopped and for no real reason. We will never know but yes it was because as what was being presented at Auroras decision...we're the results not satisfactory or was it really just because of the cbd prices crashing both who knows but yes you remember well that was what happened. The company had both the cbd and foods digester. After the crash they tried to move into the medical space where it would have a digester for that sector but nothing much as with the others happened for the time I held my shares. I lost track after the point of selling after the second halt so I will not speak to their status at the present time. Good on you that was what happened at the first time around.