If you truly believe this company is done, then why waste your time here.  dump your stock and let a new breed of investors get vested at $.04 and see where the compaby is in six months to a year..


I dont understand why people whine on these threads yet refuse to sell  and take their own advise and move onto other projects that they have a better level of confidence...there are over 2500CSE TSX-V listed stocks that they can invest in..no one is holding a gun to anyone to stay with this deal if you are frustrated..move on and let new energy and investors come in at these valuations.

AGN was another deal that traded at $.04 for 2019 but ran to $.60++ in 2020..the whiners who dumped at $.04 probably never make money investing and blame management for their lack of understanding of the junior markets..they are too focused on whining .  Look at AGN chart for 2019-2020..those that know INVESTING will find a way to make money on most deals..those that buy blue sky an get greedy often get slaughtered and are left to whine and pout and be a scourge on these kind of chat sites.


Eat Well group was a $.05-07 cent stocks for years before it caught a life and ran over $1...but i am sure there are whiners who blame management for not giving them a get rich quick play.