Your post is all assumption based on no facts.

Please provide evidence of your statement Breathtec Biomedical walked away from the deal with absolutely nothing to show for it's collaborative efforts with Cannabix Technologies. Not even a stake in shares. Ironically, Cannabix Technologies holds shares of Breathtec Biomedical. Cannabix has royally screwed Breathtec Biomedical and the management team of Breathtec Biomedical is intertwined with Cannabix Technologies for the outset to the present.

University of Florida did not licence the technology for drug detection alone. They wanted two companies to do it, Breathtec found it very difficult to detect disease in breath and dropped the option. Cannabix was licenced by UFL for Drug Detection and Breathec was disease..two totally different technologies and fields of licence. There were zero sharing of costs and Breathec never paid Cannabix a dime or issued Cannabix shares. You statements are 110% fabricated lies.

Your statements are uneducated, biased and not fact based. Why are you here on thes companies if you dont like the teams here. As stated Growmax was a simple investor in AGN and free to sell its shares like any other investor has the right to do so. What rule states that a Founder related entity is only able to provide investments into that entity but never sell? Your business acumen seems asinine and its no wonder you are probably sucking wind investing in deals at the height and then blaming management for your lack of investing skills. Get a life and stop trying to run these companies on these bullboards with your childish dribble and made up lies. Post some evidence to support you pulled from the air claims