2022-01-10 23:34 ET - News Release


Beyond Medical Technologies Inc. has granted an aggregate of five million stock options to directors, officers, employees and consultants of the company to purchase five million common shares in the capital of the company pursuant to the company's share option plan. The options, which vest immediately, are exercisable at an exercise price of 7.5 cents per share for a period of five years from the date of grant.

About Beyond Medical Technologies Inc.

Beyond Medical is an industrial/technology company with a manufacturing facility located in Delta, B.C. The company, through its subsidiary Micron Technologies, manufactures medical-grade face masks. The company also has an investment in digital telehealth platform in Kayan Health. Kayan Health is an artificial-intelligence-powered health communications platform that allows doctors to communicate with their patients and monitor them remotely.



Beyond Medical Technologies Inc. has entered into an on-line marketing agreement with Agora Internet Relations Corp. and an investor marketing agreement with Dig Media Inc. doing business as Investing News Network (INN).

Agora Internet Relations

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Agora agreement, Agora will assist the company with its launch of a 12-month on-line marketing campaign through Agoracom for the purposes of targeting new potential investors that would be specifically interested in the company's business model, as well as engaging current shareholders. Agora will also assist the company with ad placements and other branding initiatives which will be posted and distributed on Youtube, various social media platforms and all podcast platforms.

The Beyond Medical hub, located on Agoracom, will contain multiple landing pages, videos, photos and other helpful information about the company updated in real time. Additionally, the company has also launched a CEO-Verified discussion forum on Agoracom to serve as the company's primary social media platform to interact with both current and prospective shareholders in a fully moderated environment.

In connection with the services provided by Agora under the Agora agreement, the company will pay Agora aggregate consideration of $100,000 plus applicable taxes, which shall be paid via the issuance of common shares in the capital of the company. The payment shares will be issued in five instalments throughout the term of the Agora agreement, which commenced on Nov. 29, 2021, and ends on Dec. 30, 2022. The number and deemed price of the payment shares to be issued will be calculated using the closing price of the company's common shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange on each date on which the payment shares are to be issued.

Agora is the pioneer of on-line marketing, broadcasting, conferences and investor relations services to North American small and mid-cap public companies, with more than 300 companies served. Agoracom is the home of more than 7.7 million investors that visited 55.2 million times and read over 600 million pages of information over the last 10 years. The average visit of eight minutes 43 seconds is more than double that of global financial sites, which can be attributed to the implementation and enforcement of the strongest moderation rules in the industry.

Investing News Network

The company has also engaged INN, a British Columbia-based corporation, to provide an advertising and investor awareness campaign. INN will feature the company's news and logo on its channel home page as well as use its social media channels to bring attention to the company's news.

The company will pay INN aggregate consideration of $52,200 plus applicable taxes. The company has agreed to pay the INN consideration in three equal instalments of $17,400 plus applicable taxes, with the first payment payable on receipt of an invoice from INN. The second and third payments will be due on Feb. 29, 2022, and May 29, 2022, respectively. The term of the INN agreement is 13 months, ending on Dec. 30, 2022.

INN is a private company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to providing independent news and education to investors since 2007. INN does not provide investor relations or market-making services.

About Beyond Medical Technologies Inc.

Beyond Medical is an industrial/technology company with a manufacturing facility located in Delta, B.C. The company, through its subsidiary Micron Technologies, manufactures medical grade face masks.