Thanks for your optimistic response. 
I do not see the operation as profitable.  Sale prices if as low as 1.25 are below my understanding of projected cost from the start. The "earnings" is just a accounting line tied to inventory and biological assets.  It is only as good as the assumptions.  Inventory has ballooned. Therefore, realistic selling price is heading down.
The amount produced is not reported.  How many grams? They give a yield range, number of plants and cycle times. But, no easy to understand number. How many grams are in the inventory?
The asset value for a very specific built building would not be anywhere near cost.
Their expansion plans indicate that the original design was not optimal. 
There are surplus production sites across the country. All closing with scant remaining value.
What would a 20 acre property with expensive building be worth?
This location is in the Agricultural Land Reserve.
It is not like it could be a warehouse.  That use would not be permitted. It has to be Agricultural related.
An indoor grow for vegetables?
Maybe, but I doubt the economics. 
The only safe money here is getting 10 percent yields if it is secured on property.  And not a lot more.
Ask, why not a mortgage on the property instead of 10 percent demand loans?
Easy, banks don't make real estate lending mistakes. 
The building and the 16 million line item is not worth it.
What to do with the back to the wall? Stop growing,  blow out the inventory to raise cash. Try to find a industry buyer. Send the residual to the shareholders. 
Will Dale do it?
Nope, that ends his gravy train. That train is heading towards a wall. Do you think Carl will hang in without making bank?
They start making money selling?  They start their insane bonus and compensation charges again.
Heads the shareholders lose, tails the shareholders lose.
Dale is the reason for this debacle. He remains in charge.
They will no doubt moan how they are backstoping the co with the 10 percent loans.
Shareholders,  remember, these guys took those amounts in bonuses over the past couple years. If that money was retained, you might stand a chance now.
Finally,  there is nothing like a recurring revenue stream.
If it was, they would have the same sales as a year ago.
They grow weed, and it appears, can't sell it all.