Let me just explain my position. 
If not clear, I am steamed at management.  All my comments are aimed as sarcasm.
I held shares thru the construction phase and I bought the idea of high quality control that the building afforded. I felt their genetics gave them a niche market opportunity. 
I felt the deal with a national player in Auxly was a bonus.
What I completely disagree with is the bonuses paid from the earnings.  That was shareholders monies.
I disagree with not diversifying the sales channels. 
The press release describing alternative sales is confusing. 
They have been talking about doing this for many years.
Somehow a simple deal with Auxly has gone sideways. 
It has not been reported,  but it is apparent that they are not buying much..
To continue to grow when you do not have sales ties everything up in finished product. There is no cashflow.
Result, the co. Has worrying levels of debt. Owed likely to the folks that received the bonuses. 
The company cannot be faulted for the industry wide sales slow downs, price declines and over capacity. 
They should have been reading the newspapers, this trend has been in play for several years.
As an example.  Weed is down, and has been declining for years. The industry number one should be a clue.
I lost money owing this co. I bailed in the teen cents giving up half my investment.  I believe that management bears some responsibility. 
I will continue to be a critic till things change.
They have a real problem,  but all is not dead.
Common sense is they need to mothball the production until inventory is turned into cash.
They need to develop non wholesale sales. Not talk about it, get it done. Try and get close to inventory values for the inventory.
They need to gut the cost structure.  Management compensation is too high. Someone needs to go. 
My vote is Dale. He steered this ship, it did not work.
He should resign. 
If not Carl should resign to bring things to a head.
They need to pay the Fed's For the gst Pronto.
Again, I feel your loss.