NP says Nutrien, rivals hear potash now "essential"

2022-08-25 04:22 ET - In the News

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The National Post reports in its Thursday edition that potash has become "geopolitically essential" internationally after Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said Wednesday. The Post's Anja Karadeglija writes that Ms. Freeland said: "Farmers around the world depend on our potash and that means that millions and millions of people depend on the work that is being done here. At a time when Russia and Belarus are quite rightly being shut out of the global economy because of Vladimir Putin's barbaric invasion of Ukraine, the work being done here is more important than ever." Ms. Freeland said she gets "asked at international meetings about Canada and our ability to supply some of the strategic resources that the world no longer wants to buy from Russia." Canadian potash, which is used as fertilizer, has increased in demand both because countries are more reluctant to buy the product from Russia and Belarus, but also because Russia's war in Ukraine has provoked a global food supply crisis. The United Nations has warned of "an unprecedented wave of hunger and destitution" caused by Russian aggression. Saskatchewan accounts for about 30 per cent of global potash production.

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