I agree Plant 1 to me is experimentational, what it produces is rather meaningless but the fact it works and they can test and engineer systems off of it in my opinion is the true value of that unit.

Plant 2 being the scale up is where my interest is, that's where we make money and know how to put subsequent plants together and run dirt and turn us into generating revenue until the next plants are constructed to start making us solid profitability wise (altho I believe we will be running small profits when plant 1 and 2 are fully running at targets)

When your playing with penny stocks alotta noise gets made to get the name out there and to hype investors, a lot of it is white noise especially on fringe companies. I don't believe Newlox falls into that catigory as they have some pretty solid backing in that they need no financing to move forward with thier next 2 units to be constructed, it's just a case of permitting and actual construction. I find most Newlox news to be unsatisfactory in timing and content. They had a planned timeline for construction of unit 2, we didn't really get an update until the timeline was beyond late when we were told 'we are behind schedule', and then it was a few months later we were told actually why. Also we would get updates on new location interests when we were expecting construction and commissioning news.

Construction should actually be the shortest timelined item as they are basically building flat concrete pads and fastening a semi-portable units and throwing on a roof on it, as you stated getting the fabricated units built, shipped and commissioned is the difficult part in the construction phase, but the fabrication part should already be ready before concrete is poured. They were planning 2 units per year for the next 5-6 years (over a year ago), units 3 and 4 should be pretty much in boxes ready to ship and 5 in contract queue, with the only question being where is the address of the dirt piles they are sticking on the boxes lol

I like your maths, I bought in at just below 26 cents figuring there was a value pre construction of unit 2 of 35-40 cents, but now with revenues starting actual maths can take out my figuring lol. Big picture I was looking for this to be over 10x what I paid for in 2-3 years out with the possibility of being 100x on total return eventually... That said I have no timeline on my investment, I would like to see the gold produced and eventually receive planned shareholder returns, but way forward looking, with an improvement in R&D as the projects continue, I believe that the process or a similar one might be useful to a more wider range climate profile which opens up more possibilities on where units could be placed/utilized in the future.

Very excited holder here (wanna be a rising stakeholder), just very frustrated by things that should not be issues like game plan information and updates, I can't influence them, I just wanna know where they are at when appropriate be it quarterly or when phases are completed/issue is resolved. (They did tell us when the new Ball plant and reagents were procured and on the way but I think that was in a quarterly or the yearly) Don't put out a specific press release telling me Brazil is showing interest when I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear Unit 2 is installed and starting to be commissioned, tell me about interested locations in the quarterly news notes.