Certainly agree with both of you! 

I like to aim at conservative estimates, lets start with 1.00s and move to 2.00s and then lets re-analyze the potential from there. Certainly intrigued as to what is their plans for 2021, new management, increased ownership in investee holdings. 

Certainly lots of room for speculation. 

BHNG certainly is a diamond in the rough when you analyze the current edible and chocolate market we quickly realize how much of a niche product they have. 

Always top selling product nationwide, restated by Indiva recently. 

Lots of room for growth.

Also wanted to note, Being optimistic is great, but realistic is even better.... PBIC I believe my 10 yrs old kid could realize the potential we have when looking at marketcap vs holdings. 

All the best,


The sky will be green! 

guerreiro wrote: "LiveNmore" Excellent point; I own PBIC which is the mothership and I agree with your $3 prediction for PBIC,. I also own AION and a few others.

I do like AION that has not yet had a run with such great potentiality in the Jamaican cashflow operations. ( PBIC may hit a $1 soon and AION .25 cents also soon).

Nothing wrong in being an optimistic sharehloder