Very hard to disagree on a 2$ price target!

My estimates based on end of year statement is assets over 50m$ we sitting at less than 20m market cap.

Next earnings is when this stock will get some market recognition imo!


guerreiro wrote: Good for you "QcTrader" you are going to do well with this stock, (PBIC) it's trading way under value, based on their accumulated assets and business model.

I too love this baby, and I will tell you why;;;; Low float, and well controlled and a great management team that have accumulated a lot of great assets, giving the company a great asset value, when you do your math, this baby should be trading way over $1 or $2 as things are coming together.

Only a shareholder with some great optimism, I encourage you to keep doing your own DD, check the fundamentals and see if you agree with me on the $2 level potentiality soon.