PBIC will not go up as long as they remain quiet. 

Since when have you seen a holding company not press release anything about their investment portfolio for en entire year... especially when they hold controlling interest in many?

Have you ever seen a Holding company without an actual website explaining who they are or what they do? 



nightowl21 wrote: Pbic has placed a significant investment in Bhng,Aion,Grin!   I believe all three of those
companies have potential to produce profits! It is a game of patience!  Pbic share price will
not go up until Bhng,Aion,Grin go up....it will happen May take several more weeks,,it is a
long wait!...My view is a long term investment!

Thanks goodness PBIC pulled out their investment in Core One (cool)

Not sure what their end goal is....they spend million$$ on consulting,advertising,professional fees
....and a lot of promotion! ..it appears to me to be a money pit! Just hope PBIC has no
intention of any further investment in COOL....Please! stay away
I am not happy with lack of communication!
believevthere will be some big news in weeks/ months ahead!