is PBIC first website draft back in 2021, they havent improved or changed anything ever since. But they do have some updated news releases about their portfolio.

i do like the Delota deal... however i wouldnt put my hopes on an extra raise for PBIC as they are cash-dry... also Delota is mostly Canadian base, i simply dont see the chemistry with BHNG as BHNG products are already licensed by NDVA in Canada.. 

i chose the jockey(PBIC)... but feels like i should have bet on the horses this time.

How many more months do we have to wait? I dont know... if its months im ok with it... Years? not so sure.






nightowl21 wrote: So who is “plantbased”......and why are they doing these New Releases? Ie
why not do official NR’s.....that go out as official NR’s and would show up on Pbic stock listing site!

The fact that Pbic is blowing their horn about “Smoke 180” interesting!
Pbic owns 12 million shares through debt settle the deal....Delota has 26 Pbic
could very easily do a PP for another 5-6 million shares and have control of Delota and
Smoke 180!

Who knows what then....smoke180 could be folded over to Bhang for another 30-40 million
shares of Bhang........then Bhng ,Grin,Aion...gets going and your Pbic shares could be
worth 2-3$ a share!

I am investing directly in Bhng and some in Aion!  you could be a much bigger winner!

How many more months do we have to wait .....?