unfortunately rambling thoughts is all we can do until the management grows a pair of ball and press release something.

this could fly above the dollar land within a blink of an eye with a simple update.... something is fishy behind the scene..... either they are keeping it low for a reason.... or they are the most clueless management a corp can have.


nightowl21 wrote: I am invested in some of their holdings namely Bhang! 
I do read about PBIC quite often because they hold large interest
in Bhng,Aion,Grin!   It has always been my impression that Pbic has
1-2 very large investors and PBIC is a cover to keep those investors
private...also because they are a holding company they stick their
noses into all kinds of leading edge technologies....some in support
of Bhng.....others just a goose chase ....but probably because they
can then write off the investment!  I wouldn’t be surprised to see 
a RTO with BHNG taking over but that is probably wishful thinking
on my part!   Are you able to find any other Holding companies
with a similar set up and see how they conduct themselves ie see
what you can learn! I also noticed in their Annual minutes from 
meeting on May 21/2021...there is mention of creating 
another class of shares...no idea what that means! This stock
is way undervalued....because Bhng,Aion and grin are being
capped down by Market Maker....ie there is a reason....very
frustrating..I think you will do well when Bhng does will....it is
a 50-60 cent stock trading at 7 cents! We have no choice but
to wait I think! Don’t know if these rambling thoughts are
much help...but good luck to all of us!