I'm sure you all have seen this, but putting it into context with the recent sale/refund/whatever may explain what happened here. It's possible (and I'm speculating of course) that WCE realized the HydRx debenture was a bad deal and it was them that backed out, accepting a simple return of their funds and considering themselves lucky to have gotten out of it unscathed other than a minor PR black-eye?


TriumphSpitSix wrote: Sorry, WCE not WCS....

TriumphSpitSix wrote: Did they simply return the $2.5M loan from WCE or did they repay the loan AND pay them another $2.5M for WCS's 50% interest? The NR isn't clear on that point but I don't see any reason a company would simply accept a "refund" and not get some kind of additional compensation for selling. Who would accept that deal? Was there an "escape clause" we don't know about?

Oh, about that 50% interest in a $11.5M debenture, here's your money back. Thanks for playing.

There are important details here that we are missing.

GoneBroke wrote: A little over a month ago something happened with this stock that provided me a little hope. It was the trading day that took out the 2 cent ask wall that had been an obstacle for months . At this moment , I felt that something good was on the way ... perhaps some goods news relating to the Hydrx Farms Ltd debenture > with some form of partnership agreement > after all , Rosy Mondin was a director and officer of Hydrx However , with the news release put out on Jan. 20, 2021 we see that Rosy Mondin has resigned from Hydrx"s board and Cobra has refunded WCE's $2.5 million share of the initial investment on the Hydrx Farms Ltd debenture . Leo Chamberland , President of WCE , has resigned as a director and officer of Cobra. WCE will have no ongoing role or interest in Cobra or Hydrx Farms Ltd. This was very disappointing as World Class Extraction has absolutely nothing going for it since it's initial fundraising IPO > almost 2 years ago . They have absolutely zero income and are only bleeding money to pay for it's board of directors . It's important to note that WCE keeps releasing news about Pineapple Express Delivery > WCE does not "Own " Pineapple Express Delivery !!! They only have " Controlling Interest " which means that they can help control the outcome of the things that the Board of Directors are putting up for shareholders to vote on > WCE does not get any money from the ongoing income made from PED's business transactions . WCE will however , receive the funds from the sale of the shares of PED when they exit their position .( which will be soon > so that they continue to pay themselves ) It was very obvious that there was an invisible hand involved in manipulating both the volume and share price up over the last month ... But > Sadly there has been no good news to follow this obvious concerted effort of manipulation ( truth be told only bad news ) Running out of funds , I worry how long my poor investment choice in WCE can go on ... Hopelessly waiting ...