In drill hole PAR-21-146 the mineralized intervals between 72.3-73.65m down the hole and 88.7-89.7m down the hole are considered unconstrained due to a lack of sampling.

Surimeau District Battery Metals Project Update

Renforth has received the permit required to commence the previously announced stripping program. While assays are still outstanding for the bulk of the 2021 drilling at Surimeau, Renforth will commence the chipping/stripping program in order to expose on surface a portion of the Victoria West mineralized system. It is anticipated that chipping will commence within a week and stripping shortly thereafter.  Renforth will use compressed air to clean the newly exposed bedrock once stripping has been completed in order to not stress local water resources after what has been an unusually dry summer. Renforth is happy to say that stripping will be completed prior to the opening of the high-powered rifle hunting season, not unduly inconveniencing local hunters or putting field crew at risk. Our field crew will be able to map and sample the exposed system, as well as prospect ground which has likely not been prospected before with the completion of chipping and stripping.