In the last PR of 05-12-2020, Sona said that they are in 'advanced discussions' with a US lab.  They didnt say the US lab was doing any testing yet.  To get clarification on this,  I sent an inquiry to Sona over a week ago but never got a reply. My question was this: " In the 05-12-2020 PR, you indicated that “the Company is in advanced discussions for arrangements with a leading U.S. laboratory to provide the independent clinical trial data.”  Was wondering if the ‘advanced discussions’ are now concluded and if the US lab is currently actively working on validation testing.  

Guess I now know why no reply.  Assume they were working out final details with US lab and intended to announce those details when discussions were completed. Well, now discussions are completed.  But there are still unanswered questions that I hope we get answers to.  Like, has the US lab actually started validation testing yet. (Its been 10 days since first mention of US lab.)  If not, when will they start.  Also, how long are validation tests expected to take?  

Great to see all the interest in the purchasing tests once they are validated. But until we get official word of validation, orders, manufacturing etc, IMO this remians a spec investment.  There is risk, but IMHO the reward is well worth the risk.  Hoping the wait isnt too long much longer.  If it ends up being 3-5 days like shoosh saw on anothr board, then we are in real good shape. Even a little further out should be just fine.  Just hope it doesnt drag on.  One thing I am pleased about is that Sona gave its shareholders an update.  That is appreciated.     

GLTA  wm