Dillinger4 wrote:
INVESTigator1 wrote: Dill - I see AfterDark a lot guessing that is you and lilolbuddy (sp). And I use Labrelguy. AMA/LevelX/Cannahemp/Viva LA Buds needs to get talked up. With the number of investors we have here we can second a comment, like a comment, reply, or do our own. Sure as l can't hurt!! I don't feel like this is fake pumping since AMA is on the cusp upward as Nevada/Vegas traffic increases. Be creative...

AfterDark682 is me on Yahoo. OmegaMan73 on reddit. We need to start putting our name out there since lameO sources like Motley Fool and Yahoo keep talking about the same companies over and over. When junk companies like Tilray are getting a ton of investor funds while our volume dries up like a wet sponge in the desert we gotta get our name out there.

 SO TRUE!! I am just wishing that some of our other fellow investors in 1933 would get on board with these efforts.  The more that do it the more saturation of sites we can get with TGIFF/shareholders being the benefactors. I didn't know you were Omegaman. Great!