Well it looks like the next sham pump may be in the works. What a shame that the BCSC did not investigate Burns and the other perpetrators of the imho last sham. They were certainly asked to. I hope Burns and his cohorts are living a horrible life but that is unlikely with all of the money he and his buddies personal companies took in for so called consulting fees. Likely right out of the Anthony Jackson playbook. Nothing really happened to him either as the regulators are inept imho. He is still free to keep on scamming as far as I can see. BTW he was the CFO of UAV during the period he was pulling off the Bridgemark scam. My opinion is to stay away from this company. Or at least get out on the next pump. Most of the same crew is still in charge that was in charge last time we all got hoodwinked.

all my opinion of course.