Click the traditional Territory Map ( LINK BELOW ) to gain one's bearing of where the silica claims are with in this regional boundary. White River is near, Invemere, Elkford district.

The Gibraltar Silica Property is located approximately 95 kilometres northeast of Cranbrook, BC. It covers a sedimentary clastic-carbonate rock package located near the confluence of Kootenay and White River.

I have read other articles on, First Nations digging in their heels wirh solar energy, but ventures that facliitate a few homes or offices.  Nothnig to write home about.

Is this....

this is where keen management of green energies is imperitive as not to cross paths with another green energy project - same vicinity - 

Which is all the more reason why.... 
Shareholders need far more intel to know for certain where this junior is headed with their silicon mining. I'm more apt to beleive the success would be seen in feed stocking another whose manufacturing solar panels than, small contracts with first nations that have already been in the works since 2017. 

Don't beleive me ?
Here read for your self.
Appears to be same First Nations lands as the - silicon projects....
And... since 2017 the solar roll out has already occured, which begs - where's the real story here for the junior ? Haven't a clue. Entire industry is clustered - never seen anything like it.

If i were the junior , i'd do a tad more digging - enquire with the one whose managing these green energy minerals whose involving the - First Nations -  begin asking some heavy questions - looking for better end products - larger projects assgned to something that really delivers for shareholders - such as the solar porject silimiar to Alberta ( 1,000,000 solar panels stretching 1600 football fiels long  - vs - accommodating a few homes with solar.

So.... why are we toying with solar when this appears it's already in full swing in this FN  district ?
Hence... i would suggest showing the First Nations some serious energy production such as how to make a hybrid metal, or fuel, or produce hydrogen via nano silicon.... or, develop a hybrid solar cell and cater to al lof North America.

Just my own opnion.