Well my dear analyst friend, there are more people paying MUCH more attention then you know

To show you whom some whom they are...

There is a new HashTag called #GMECRASH of March. I assume because earnings are the 23rd, and Many High Profile Investors Now Have the Courage to Say Their Short Again (knowing there’s not going to be a squeeze), and the stock is poised for a HUGE CORRECTION to its fundamentals, which many are saying is $5 per share, with a “looming” bankruptcy.
Warning: GMECRASH Coming Soon!
GME is a “Who’s a Greater Fool Now” and a Pyramid Scheme, and is worth NO MORE than $16 After Research by Analyst on CNBC
There are SO many professional investors, analysts, and pros telling the investing crowds that GME is worth less than $10, and unfortunately retail investors call for holding “forever” which is ludicrous. It’s saying I want to throw away my money. What kind of sense is that? Think people, the stock of a retail chain that closed HUNDREDS of stores the past few years and has a declining business model, which will continue to get worse, so they continue to trim and trim, and spin off real estate. Perhaps via a bankruptcy which will mark all shares shareholders worthless and they come out of bankruptcy, leaner, less debt / shares (which will take 7-10 years whoever is planning on really owning it forever). 
The stock is trading at $200 for right now. So if you bought sell for a gain or loss, but I do not envy you holding the #GMECRASH which can be a fall, literally of$198 to $2 per share, and then maybe a follow up bounce to $8-$10 landing where it should be valued!
Please invest carefully. 
I am not long or short the stock, but see the writing on the wall, and don’t know why any retail @Redditors do also. I think they have a missed perspective because it went up, they can’t see it go down $198, an outside can