Here's why, but before I get to my bullet point review, that GME will CRASH BIG tomorrow, please watch the video here with 2 analysts (a Bear & a Bull, and BOTH think the stock is worth about $10, where it's going tomorrow!

 GME Missed Earnings BIG!
• No Strategy from Ryan for the Digital Growth and no Q&A - because they can't justify their valuation!
• Stock has been down BIG 3 days in a row (while waiting for earnings), but tomorrow everyone can agree, the valuation is out of whack and the stock can go back and land where it should be between $5-$8.
• They spoke about $100M ATM, which if they sell at market will dilute all shareholders, yup, that's how's public companies "thank you", you loyalists, that make no sense!
• I think stock opens at $120-$130, and retail investors SELL, SELL, SELL! 

• Since @Redditors got out many of the BIG short positions from hedge funds, while you had your laugh and they lost some money, which they will recover from. But the Short Sellers will NOW make those investors PAY! And SHORT GME short!

For those, who agree, if you can get in short and / or buy puts, this is the time to short GME before they go to the ATM and dilute shareholders! 

Advice: Sell. Sell. Sell. with Passion Tomorrow before you end up with a $5 stock that was over $190 and now tomorrow who knows where it will be, so GET OUT while you can!