GME had a chance to discuss the rising share price, their new strategy, what they would need more cash for, etc.


The announced they MISSED ALL earning estimates (which they're were not supposed to, many were hoping for the upside which never materialized!

GME announced a share offering ATM up to $100 Million Diluting ALL Investors! 

My guess is this is a retail run, and tomorrow shorts will come in heavy and finish off the job, and take the stock back down to its valuation of $5 per share!

GME is over! 

We've seen this before. Its BlockBuster v.2!

I don't even want to hear people discussing buying the dips. These are NOT dips when you're stock loses half its value or more in a day!

That's a sign that says; "Stay Away from GME" unless you can afford to take unnecessary risk on a story that's now officially OVER! 

From here, the shorts and bears own the stock and will heavily trade thanks to the @Redditor short squeeze. Speaking about @Reddit, "Karma" always comes back around to bite you in the "butt", you should've know that. Every investor, analyst, even Michael Burry who has hope in the stock (not sure why), said it was at a crazy valuation!

Time to move on from GME, take any losses, pray, and try to make the money back from the Creator of the World! It really works, I'm totally not kidding!