The Company’s new customers include a large-scale lumber and sawmill company with a 300-kilowatt-hour system and a vertically integrated agriculture company with three separate 3-megawatt (MW) units (nine MW total). The direct effect of the on-site microgrid will significantly impact the economic outlook of these businesses by substantially lowering their carbon footprint and reducing monthly electric bills, which in turn will increase their monthly capital. Because of this each company is fully committed to maintain a contract with Electryone as their power management provider.

Electryone Advisors has authorized Golden Triangle Ventures to market the Electryone Drive technology and build its own sales team to expand the Company’s outreach efforts and drive a strong compensation that follows each microgrid installation completed by the clients that GTV or its representatives deliver. The compensation will equate to $28,125 per MW as an install bonus, delivered two weeks after installation, along with a monthly residual income of $575 per MW for 24 months after installation. If a representative of GTV delivers an organization that deploys the technology, GTV and the representative will make the same compensation. This structure was creatively developed to offer a strong incentive for any representative that can assist the Company in deploying the technology, while also giving each representative the ability to compensate any referring persons who may be assisting their efforts. 

The Company is actively building a strong sales team to offer the technology and it looks forward to sharing further details on its current and future contracts that will not only provide a significant install bonus, but will also generate residual income. These large-scale projects will deliver a substantial return for investors, and Electryone Advisors is engaging with several investment firms that have shown interest in the portfolio of projects as well as financing these opportunities. 

Steve Mitchell, president of Electryone Advisors, states, “The GTV team has already brought in many businesses that want the green technology and are actively working with us to deploy the Electryone Drive. The value we have received from their initial sales outreach is far more than expected and we are grateful to provide an opportunity where their reps can earn significant compensation, which provides a great benefit to Golden Triangle Ventures on any contract they can deliver. The expansion of their sales team has just begun and I plan to help grow their sales efforts in every way possible.”