By comparison, Hyzon Motors offers only fuel cell trucks. The company already delivered 87 FCEVs, including heavy- and medium-duty trucks, in 2021. Hyzon will be providing its first demonstration trucks to trial customers in North America in 2022. It currently sells trucks in Asia, Australia, and EuropeHyzon Motors expects to deliver 300 to 400 vehicles in 2022. Similarly, Nikola expects to deliver 300 to 500 Tre BEV trucks in 2022. So, even though Nikola's deliveries are yet to begin, the two companies could be selling roughly same number of vehicles this year.

If you are looking to invest in a hydrogen fuel cell truck maker, Nikola doesn't fit the bill precisely. Its fuel cell trucks are still in the alpha testing stage, while the company also offers battery electric trucks. By comparison, Hyzon Motors' hydrogen trucks are already in use. The company has a deep expertise in hydrogen fuel cell technology coming from parent Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. Horizon has by now delivered hundreds of hydrogen fuel-cell systems for commercial vehicles, including class 8 trucks.

Overall, Hyzon Motors' focus on fuel cell trucks, its expertise, actual deliveries, and an asset-light approach make it look better than Nikola right now. For some, Nikola's past troubles could be an added reason, but the company seems to have clearly moved past them