I think it is more image. As an example, the prime contractor needs to file detailed safety plans with Cer.
The Kiewit plans used the Mcr jv plans as references, if not copied.
I believe the jv partner really annoyed both Tc and Tmx.
It was an easy boot.
The tmx is way behind schedule. This is due to regulatory and self imposed halts.
They need big nameplate names on the contractor roster as cover.
The tmx work is scheduled to end in 2 weeks. 
If they really planned to scrub Macro, they would have started a de mobilze the staff right now.
It is prime time for construction. 
Tmx needs all the workers they can.
I am guessing continued work as a sub. They have done good work so far.
As I have said, a hit for the ego, but not likely to the income statement. 
The big awards from Tc, shows the industry still looks at Mcr in a favorable sense. 
At this stage, if there is no futher tmx work, the stock has been hit already.