I spoke yesterday with an equipment operator that is working on Coastal on 8.
He said that the former jv partner has not been paid by TC.
They submitted a bill, with no break down. For a cost plus, they want details. 
He thought that they had not completed a single milestone. 
They have terrible safety,  environmental compliance, bad on equipment,  terrible management. 
The brought 5 specialized rock crushers from Europe. 
The machines could not crush the density of the stone there.
A simple engineering calculation,  they did not bother.
They bought a fleet of new  John Deer bulldozers.
Brand new,  they didn't make it to 100 hours. The main sprockets did not hold up to the slopes. 
It goes on.
He has worked with Macro, and gave them a top review,  he said they had no choice but to get out.
It was smart to get the lc backed receivable,  we would not have been paid.