hi all,  Mullen 5 started taking pre orders last year back in November. Everyone is forgeting this is a long time since the launch of this car. Since AMC and GME stole the show in 2021 everyone was just looking there all the time. But, what about looking over here? This direction as we look back at the news in 2021. see the link. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1133879_vinfast-vf-e35-and-vf-e36-electric-crossovers-debut-at-2021-la-auto-show.  Now he we take November 21 2021 to March 21.2021.  This is a full quarter and will April 1st coming i would say its a safe bet for another pre announcement coming from our CEO. Its time to see what they have in pre-orders and with $65million in the bank this is big. So looking at the amount of days from the November 21 launch of pre orders we are looking at 120 days. Now this includes any day of the week as going online never sleeps. For $100 dollar investment i will be modest and say 800 pre orders a day! that would give us just under 96,000 orders. Does this seem like a lot?  I would say oh yeah and i'm thinking big picture with everything that is going on in the world. Why not!!  You are getting a car that is built in the US and with the TRUMP build America first campain that one day could come back soon?  Think about it? Think of the Republicans coming back to power in the United States....so lets see where this goes as our CEO is watching the share price also and you know he likes to tweet sometimes and do interviews.  good luck on Friday.