hi all,  hope you are having a great weekend!  The lastest on MULN is growing and we push higher to new $6 target very soon. As we look at the facts about this stock the future is growing and yes it is high risk.  Believe me i took a big chance a week ago on the dip. Now i'm in for the long run and push to new high. Lets see where we go as right now $6 a share is in the cards as we look into April and a new week of trading to start the month. This is an exxiting time as we get into the MEME on this stock as building cars in America and getting Amercians back to work is the theme for the CEO. Remember he is watching this stock and also the VP.  Marketing soon to come into play and the pre orders of the Van are coming and updates on the Mullen 5.  Any tweets that come out of our CEO or VP for any special interviews can be surprising.  On Firday afternoon we moved fast after 2pm as we went from $2.70 to $2.90 in minutes.  Now looking into the CALL OPTIONS VS PUTS  we have a modest $6 range forming.  I like the baby step approch to a higher share price.  Now looking at the shares outstanding that is floating out there is only 22million and total is 34.9 million. So our market cap is only 100million as a company. This is only the start as i honestly feel we will trade soon in the 300million market cap at $6 bucks.  The foundation is set this company and knowing they are in the US and no other country. We are dealing with the trueth about what they are doing. Kind a feels like i just did a plug for Donald Trump's new company?? So for those of you who took the chance to buy stock like i did see the latest video on YOUTUBE from WILLKNOWLEDGE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6tBwKArlGQ ,  also see below on the details of the stock and you will see the shares outstanding and float.   Believe me when i took the chance on the dip back on March 25th that was a bid scary move it took...so I'm in just like you.  Also,  Northwest Copper and Finlay minerals are my largest holdings and Northwest is on the move.
Short Interest as % of Float39.32%Shares Outstanding34.942MNumber of Floating Shares22.553M