hi all,  as we go mid week and holding fair on the share price for MULN we have seen a lot of noise with TESLA, TWITTER, MULN and the one and only Elon Musk.  As for the EV stocks this correction is holding well and excellent entry point. Nothing has changed as we wait for more news or posts from our CEO or even another interview. Its almost like our CEO is trying to help the media hype and be part of a growing community of followers on MULN.  I like the fact he is getting involved and not shy from any media. Markets are down again to start the morning and our stock is trending well. At any hour of the day we can have a move quickly and reach that $3 target as we have resistance in the $3.20 range for MULN over the past two weeks. That is nothing to be honest and once we break thru it there is nothing stopping this stock from going higher. Today is a good entry point as we cycle thru these markets. Wednesday is a good day for trading and we can see high volume at any hour into Thursday. Also here is a good update on MULN from a YOUTUBER named Andre Williams.  He is very good at his overview of MULN and best part is his start to each video and he states, "TAKE PROFITS".  So check out the video now and good luck the rest of the day...i know i will.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuMdYWywf28 On another note,  CALL OPTIONS VS PUTS FOR NEXT WEEK will be posted later today and it is getting interesting as i see $4 in the cards!!