hi all,  MULN news out this morning and this is a great start to the week. Also Telsa and NIO making moves and these are the three EV manufactures i will be following. As MULN continues to announce the American BUILT  EV plan this stock will be in the eyes of everyone. The premarket move is little and good entry point from Friday dip. So for those of you who bought in that is a great start going into May. For now i would expect another interview from the CEO soon as MULN will want to talk about the news today.  Even to see some TWEETS will come into play from the CEO.  All good news and exciting to see how we go against the negative posts and how last week was nothing but a short position takeover and PUTS gain on the future options. My target would be $2.80 today and hold again above $2.50-$2.60 range......Until we see the news on the Fortune 500 this week we will trend above $2 or even hit $3. Cheers and good luck.