hi all,  get ready for MULN to make some noise as i own this stock and man did i get destroyed on the share price crashing below $1. Regardless i knew the damage or greatness that this stock can do since March. So i averaged down and now waiting . Waiting for this big news on the share offiering and who is going to make a big investment in 500million shares. This is big and could bring in a billion in cash. Nobody is looking at the history of how this can take a stock and make it quadruple !!  Look at NIO how they did the same thing a few years ago and took the stock to incredible moves. Right now we have just over 400 million shares outstanding and with the share offering we can be around 900million shares outstanding. Now,  the biggest play is who is going to take a pie of this offering?  Think about the numbers and the share price as this is big. I would say if any major car company looking to participate or Fortune 500 company can make this stock the biggest play of 2022. This stock has the chance to hit $3 to $4 billion in market cap and $3 range min a share. So this is the stock you should be watching right now. I know AMC  is taking the spot lite and we all know the APES want the stock. But,  always look for the comeback kid and MULN has it.  see the facts and the news below from Reuters and i will be buying at these prices. Remember 500 million shares to offer and this could be a big play for MULN.  see below news from late last week.  Also do not forget the battery technology they have test coming again. Can we see an INTEL  or FORD make a move?  or how about Amazon and maybe BlackRock?  anything goes and someone wants these shares or else they would go so high on the class A offering.