Sattviko is one of India's fastest growing global food brands reaching across US, Canada, UAE, Australia, and throughout India. Sattviko manufacturers food products that offer solutions to many health-related issues of modern age consumers.

Bazelet and Sattviko are furthering the global superfood revolution with products prepared from naturally sourced raw materials and modern technologies that preserve nutrients.

The new product line will offer healthy, super tasty foods and snacks infused with Bazelet's federally compliant, non-psychoactive cannabis. The products are intentionally diabetic friendly, gluten free, act as an immune booster, are protein rich, advantageous for the digestive tract and vegan friendly.

Cannabis can be grouped as a superfood because of its health benefits, nutrient value, and chemical compounds. Cannabis seeds, specifically Cannabis sativa (hemp), contain many amino acids, proteins, and healthy fatty acids. Hemp seeds contain iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and folate.

The new product line will be marketed in the US and several global markets beginning late. 2021. The global superfoods market size is expected to exceed $200B over the next five years with impressive annual growth.