Today is Friday the 16.October 2020 and I would like to remind you of the following:
We hold the patent on RLF100 and the process for its synthesis. - We show the best results of any Covid drug I have ever seen. - We block the virus from attaching to host cells in the lung AND... we prevent the cytokine storm AND... reduce inflammation! - We have already been approved by the FDA as safe. - Our intravenous RLF100 was submitted to the EUA on 17.9. - pending FDA approval. - Our clinical studies with RLF100 have reached the preliminary 102 patients on September 30th - awaiting the results. - Our clinical trial for the RLF100 treatment inhaler has been designed, submitted and is expected to be completed later this year. - Our clinical trial for the RLF100 PREVENTATIVE Inhaler has been designed, submitted and is expected to be completed next year. - We are promising for lung applications other than Covid, which also need to be investigated and tested separately. - We signed a collaboration agreement with the Institute of Arthritis and Infectious Diseases of the NIH to test RLF-100 against the influenza virus and other viruses that attack the lung. - We signed a contract with Bachem Americas to manufacture a drug substance for 1 million patients. - We signed a contract with Nephron Pharma to produce enough RLF100 for 1 million patients. - We signed a contract with the largest supplier of inhaled sterile drugs in the United States to deliver RLF-100 overnight to any U.S. hospital. - In Israel, we have received the protocol for Accompanying Care, and we are in the process of deciding how to implement this protocol. - NeuroRX's CEO, Dr. Javitt, is in the top 1% of the cited scientists worldwide, has successfully guided 7 drugs through the FDA process and has held key leadership positions under Presidents Clinton, Bush Jr., Bush Sr. and Reagan. - Robert Bestoff, Chief of Operations of NeuroRX, spent his career with Lilly & Pfizer. At Pfizer, he led the entire neuroscience and pain division and was responsible for $10 billion of their drugs. - NeuroRX's manufacturing coordinator, Rich Siegel, is the former head of Johnson & Johnson's drug portfolio. - Relief has just appointed industry veteran Jack Weinstein as CFO AND retained former CFO Jeremy Meinen as Principal Finance and Accounting Officer. - Doctor (and Congressman) Andy Harris is 1 of 3 experts on the Data Monitoring Committee. Our team is of the highest caliber. Our team is focused. We make steady, precise progress. When it's time to "go"... the world will know!