cazual Member Level Friday, 01/17/14 08:04:44 PM Re: RJ Trotts post# 41960 Post # of 41998 SVFC = Millionaire Maker - It is being called: "The Internet of Healthcare" This is where we are folks! The HUGE internet tech explosion that made investors billions. That is what Stem Cell Therapy in Medicine will be! And here we are at the ground floor of the #1 SVF cell processing technology IN THE WORLD!! SVFC's Dr. Steven Victor was just in Korea at the world renowned Chaum Stem Cell Institute teaching surgeons how to use the Intellicell method. This is HUGE! At the Institute and other places around the world the Cha Station Stem Cell separator is used. SVFC's Intellicell process has been tested by MERCK subsidiary MILLIPORE and was found to be SUPERIOR to ALL competitors: 1) More Potent- Yields 10-1000 times the cells of all competitors. 2) More Effective - It has been determined that a minimum of 50 million cells is needed to be effective for most disease states. Some processes yield as little as 1 million. The Intellicell process yields 1 billion. 3) Faster than all other processes. 4) Cheaper than all other processes. (does not use enzymes which are very expensive) 5) Safer, does not use enzymes. SVFC is waiting for patent approval in Korea and other International locations. THIS IS HUGE!!! Dr. Victor was just at the world renowned Institute in Korea which uses the Cha Station. They are learning the Intellicell Method! WHICH IS HIGHLY SUPERIOR!!! Intellicell will be the method used at Chaum Stem Cell Institute, in Korea and AROUND THE WORLD!! THIS is why we are being bought out - (my hope is this turns to partnership because the value is astronomical!) Check out the numbers: Market Indications $15 billion current market for Regenerative Medicine 1.2 million patients to date treated with RM products and therapies 300 private and 50 public companies with $4.7 billion in total market cap 175,000 peer-reviewed publications and 10,000 issued or pending patents Proliferation of patient advocacy groups demanding shift to Regenerative Medicine. $1.5 billion in worldwide research funding projected to $14 billion in 10 years Potential market is LARGELY UNTAPPED Projected to reach $300 billion by 2020 source: US Department of Health and Human Services Many are calling it "The Internet of Healthcare" We are in for some SERIOUS money!! $$$$$$$$$$$$ SVFC!! :)