Thought these guys were sitting on a ton of cash.  Are they building debt so the get govt bailout?  Why is the govt throwing money at this dead ducknwith employee welfare when everyone knows airlines won't recover for years.

This stock should be 1.00

logicandinertia wrote:

Announced on call .  Burning $20 million per day , which equates to about $1 per share every 13 days.   They are raising debt , which is good, but that debt needs to be repaid so the capital structure adjusts.  

Calin mirrored Buffet's  concerns when he confirmed that the airline will be considerably smaller for next few years .   Hence, you have fewer revenue and profit generating assets, but your debt doesn't disappear .   Moreover, when will the lucrative business travel biz recover ?   That is the most profitable .   And calin stated that this will recover later and videoconferencing may impact this.  

The equity capital is the one piece of the capital structure that is adjusted dynamically to the environment , as debt levels don't change (debt levels are actually going up as they issues more).   

Be careful out there.   This is a whole new world.