Unlike pump daddy Rouge and the boys I play things by ear and adjust my prediction by facts on the ground.  I said to short when it hit $30 and I was correct. I said to buy at $20 again correct and said to sell when it hit $25 again correct.  I then said, things were ugly again look for the mid-teens again correct.  From here hard to tell but if you cannot make money in what might be the best of times another loss next quarter equal a share price hitting $10 after that again play by ear and facts on the ground.  That said, the picture is not good so it is a lottery ticket as there is no tangible book value it is all about what you think good will and dominant market position is worth.  

If in fact we see a somewhat major recession the debt they are carrying do not rule out $2 and creditor protection.  If the recession and housing crash does not occurr $25 is possible.  In order to get back to $50 they need to make $25 a share in profit to back to where they were in 2019 and that is some tough work!  So it is a lottery ticket with more chance that it goes to $10 than $25 right now!