that so weird. you look at rad thumps up everyday? how you no this before anyone elses?

KeyserShoze wrote: It has really sucked for you being Aleafia long hasn't it? At least you have community support on these boards to make you feel better about it. lol. Give me more thumbs up like you are giving to Rad today. lol. Just goes to show how many accounts you shills have. Hilarious. Maybe the stock price will go up if you continue. bahahahahah. $4.70 to $0.14 and lols, lolzzs, hahahas and omgs posted here by the pumpers like they're having a great time all the way down. It's not a good look. It's OK. Q4 will be the blockbuster quarter that will save Aleafia.
BC0NTVentures wrote:
Sure looks that way. Spends far too much time ranting on these boards.