This in not the flu or the average cold. It has already killed 650,000 americans...more than the spanish flu. And yet the individualistic attitude of the american people that has been flourishing since the 70s prevents the implementation of the measures that government needs to contain and minimize this problem. Government has the power and the legitimate authority to take whatever measures are necessary to protect the public health..people have been imprisoned for spreading AIDS. In 1972 there was an outbreak of smallpox in Ugoslavia. The government imposed martial law closing everything, setting up quaranteen camps and by force vaccinating everyone in the execptions. The outbreak was resolved. Today our governments are trying to bow down to the rich and powerful..wallmart stays open but joe's variety store must close. They are bowing down to the storm of public opinion that has opposing pumping thier rights and another pushing for people to obey the medical recommendations. Our governements are bunch pathetic, incompetent and mindless idiots...contrary to those who entertain conspiracy theories. The truth is we're simply dealing with idiots.They just dont know how to deal with this problem and keep spewing rediculous often contradictory and ever changing rules and guidelines. God help us and may this insanity end soon