As the people do not understand  that for a miner the real adversary is not the  work of mining , but the stock market itself , gcm has the unique opportunity to execute its 2020 ncib until sept 3 , and to begin the new 2021 from there ( if  renewed ) 

150 k shares to cancel every day until sept  ( +50% with the new shares for gldx ? ) and roughtly 220 k every day  just after . 
So it means at least 5 mil shares cancelled at the end of sept. It means by reissuing,  theses shares above 6 cad , nearly all the premium offered for the gldx shares is erased. 

This kind of basic operation has NO cost , NO impact on the treasury , at 1 y horizon , 
They can do it , they have time and all the money they want. 
Let me tell you , the impact on the stock will be well beyond what you imagine.

Now as shareholders , everyone  can recall fino  what each year he signs :

The Board of Directors of Gran Colombia has determined that the repurchase of Shares pursuant to the NCIB presently constitutes an appropriate use of financial resources and would be in the best interest of the Company’s shareholders


Not a simple  interest .....but the best . Triple lol .